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How to Win with Fraction Law

Fraction Law is a valuable tool for businesses of any size. Here's how you can win by using Fraction Law lawyers for full or part-time general counsel support on contract:

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Small to medium-sized companies struggle with:

a) high fees charged by law firms for basic day-to-day legal work they want performed;

and, alternatively,

b) hiring their own employee lawyer and keeping them busy at all times.

Fraction Law provides a solution by delivering full or part-time general counsel support on contract. You get exceptional legal services, the focus and attention of your own dedicated in-house general counsel, but for wholesale prices below what traditional law firms typically charge on an hourly basis. You get the ability to scale up and down with volume, which you don't get by hiring your own employee.

Enterprise Clients

Large corporations view Fraction Law lawyers as strategic team members. Despite having a legal department staffed with one or more lawyers, you make valuable use of Fraction Law lawyers on an ongoing basis to manage your overflow work and provide additional support where needed.

Your goal is to fully leverage your fixed-cost employee lawyers by ensuring they have a full workload at all times. Any extra work will be performed by Fraction Law general counsel on a full or part-time contract at a wholesale price. Our contracts can be designed to scale up and down with variability in workflow. When your workflow grows to a point where an additional lawyer can be hired and kept busy with a full workload, we adjust your Fraction Law contract to start the process over again.

In this way, your employees are always busy and Fraction Law lawyers manage the variable nature of your workload.

Temporary Staffing, Special Projects, Maternity Leave

Fraction Law general counsel are the perfect solution for situations where you need short-term staffing.

Do you have a ad-hoc, special or defined project that needs to be staffed?

Did an employee leave unexpectedly and you need to bridge the gap until you find a permanent replacement?

Do you need a dependable substitute for an employee going on maternity leave?

If so, Fraction law has a solution designed specifically for you.

Modernize your Legal Support Now

Step into the new age of virtual law and stop overspending on legal services.

Contact Fraction Law now to schedule your free consultation.

Contact Fraction Law by clicking the button below or by calling 403-970-7174. Visit Fraction Law online at for more information.


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